HideItPro v5.3.4

HideItPro v5.3.4

HideItPro v5.3.4

How to crack  HideItPro v5.3.4 ?

The Hideitpro , commonly known as Audio Manager is a fully functional data  hiding application for Android(now in apple  Store too) with many properties.

Using HideItPro, you can hide pictures, Videos, Messages, Calls  , and can even change the native app icon to Currency-converter / Jokes / No icon .


Some other features are  :-

  •          Free Cloud backup.
  •          Categorize media into folders.
  • ·        Can’t be tracked (App Disappears from recent apps list)
  • ·        Integrated Slideshow and Sharing .
  • ·        Integrated Video player with support for VLC player, MPlayerX etc. .
  •          Lock screen options viz Pin and Password .
  •          Escape pin/password for times when you get caught .
  • ·        Built in encryption tool  to secure   your most important files .
  • ·        Plugins for features like Private Messaging / Calls , Private Browsing , Locking          Apps.

Consider the 8th feature mentioned above , “Escape pin/password for times when you get caught.” 

Escape pin/password is a fake pin provided by HideitPro during installation for times when you get caught . Even though this is a cool feature , it makes the app more vulnerable.

Knowing the Fake Pin/password , anybody can get the Original Pin/password  . The steps are as follows.

Step  1:

Download and Install  Hide-It- Pro .

< https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hideitpro >

Step 2:

After Installing , Open  HideItPro / AudioManager / Currency-Converter .


Step 3 :

As an initial Setup , you should set up  the Original Pin. Your Real Pin.


Step 4:

Now that you have Hideitpro installed and have  a  real Pin , Let us  see how we can crack it

Open the App in the usual way ,



Long press the Audio Manager / Currency converter/ Jokes icon .


Enter the fake Pin here .

The default Fake pin of HideItPro is ,  < 2222 >

It will take you to the fake vault .


Click on the icon marked in the red circle  above to get the Settings drawer.


Click on Login Settings .


Click on ‘change-pin’ to know the real pin of the user. :


Bingo 😀 , Now that’s the real pin of the user. The one you set while installing.

Now that you have the real pin ,  you can easily access the real vault. 🙂

Watch the video for more clarity : https://youtu.be/Pd8LWN2ZCnM





Decided to do Business !  What to do when you  Don’t  know  where to begin | What to do when you have  a capital to  invest, but don’t  know  where to invest |How to start when  you  Don’t  know  all the possibilities  out  there. | Well then , this will  definitely help you to take decisions on where to start , to know all possibilities  out  there, to compare these possibilities,  and to  choose the one which suits you the most.

Even starting  a  small  business  involves  much  planning .
The (Idea – Industry)  agreement  of your business  has  very much importance . For your idea to be  applied effectively,  you need to know all  the industries out  there  . Click on the letters below  .These are  the  main  industries  from which you can choose to start your Business.  Good Luck.

try try                               try try              try try                               try try                  try try                               try try
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Some essential business functions and their classifications.

Note:  Business development is a wide area which involves many complex steps. Successful business organizations follows many methodologies of operations. Mentioned below are just some functions in common to most organisations. Hope this might help those aspiring entrepreneurs  with great Business ideas and a willing mind out there.


Whichever industry and domain you are in ,  To be successful ,  it is important that your business should follow certain organisational structure of different business functions.

These functions can be broadly classified as,

Support Units and Business Units.

Support Units are those which provides service where as Business Units are those which generates revenue. They are the fundamental building blocks of Business development.

Service and Products are two common streams of today’s Business . Some of the necessary functions which comes under these streams are;

  • Products/service Research
  • Product Manufacture/Service Delivery
  • Quality Assurance
  • Purchase
  • Distribution
  • Sales
  • Market
  • Finance etc

Now, If your business grows bigger, the products or service consumption increases. That is, you need to get to the next level.

  • Include functions like Support, planning, Training etc

And as a workforce to do all this..include,

  • Human Resource Management
  • IT management
  • CRM
  • Partner Management etc

When your business expands even more, That is to multiple products/services streams or in case of global level expansion,

New demands and requirements arises, which creates a need of scaling all these levels or functions to a higher hierarchy.

Other Important Business functions are:

  • Corporate planning.
  • Strategic planning
  • Measurement, Analysis and Knowledge focus.

Once you have a completely established Business ,you can always improve your Business results with Business Intelligence. For that you should keep account of your historical data.

Other References:

Youtube Video



Caution  :This is for those who search for more than what is normal.
Note       : most of the tips mentioned here works only for 2 players
               refer Fig  BingooBox throughout the passage.


KEY 1: Know your Opponent

Bingo can be played in 2 ways ,
one like most people think play by luck , but on exploring more to it there can be some simple strategies used inside this.

Although there isn’t any established algorithm to prove this . This works fine in most of the cases.

First step of the game is not to draw boxes , it is to know your Opponent in the sense that you should be able to prejudice his frequent initial calls , at least 5-10 of them. It is with this numbers that you should design your game boxes.

Consider a game, lets assume the frequent numbers of my opponent used to be 1,5,25,3,8,9,7…etc.

Also consider the fact that your opponent will be having these numbers most probably along the diagonals with the first called number at the centroid . just like the figure below.


Keep in mind while drawing that your game box should never be in the same way , instead you should use this valuable numbers throughout the game as follows.
Having these numbers in our mind, Lets now move to the next level.

KEY 2: The 3×3 Inner Matrix.

Figure Bingo Box.rrr

#1 The outer matrix excluding positions a,e,u and y of your Bingo box  are reserved for these known numbers . Fill it.

Think, you don’t have to call these numbers, your opponent will do it.
Now that the outer matrix excluding positions a,e,u and y are filled, Consider the Inner matrix.


#2 Fill the columns h,n,l & r with those numbers which have next higher probability that the opponent will call.
Do your best if you don’t know your opponent very well.

#3 Lastly fill the diagonals of your Bingo box with those with least probability that the opponent will call.


KEY 3: Designing the Game Play

This is nothing but filling your box as per above mentioned points #1,#2 & #3

😀 😛

Key 4: How to call .

It is always better to call first in Bingo.

Call numbers in such that,
First you will eliminate all your diagonal elements (by that time your outer matrix will also be almost completely eliminated by your opponent calls)

Then call the rest of inner matrix elements
You will probably be BINGO by now ,

If not , call the rest of outer Matrix elements.

There you go , BINGO . 🙂 (y)

Other References :